BPSC Bihar Judicial Services Competitive Examination 221 Posts updated on 22nd September 2023

The historical backdrop of Constitution of India uncovers that the idea of leading serious assessment for arrangement to specific posts returned into thought path in the year 1853 and a board of trustees for offering shape to that was comprised under the chairmanship of Lord Macaulay in the year 1854.

Later on the Federal Public Service Commission and the State Public Service Commissions were established under the Government of India Act, 1935.

The Bihar Public Service Commission appeared from first April 1949 after its detachment from the Commission for the States of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, as per sub-area (1) of segment 261 of the Government of India Act, 1935, as adjusted. Its sacred status was articulated with the proclamation of Constitution of India on 26th January, 1950. It is a Constitutional Body under Article 315 of the Constitution of India.

The Bihar Public Service Commission at first started its working for the State of Bihar with its central command at Ranchi. The State Government chose to move the base camp of the Commission from Ranchi to Patna and it was at last moved to Patna on first March 1951.

The Mandate of Bihar Public Service Commission:

Article 320 and 321 of the Constitution of India recommends the command of the State Public Service Commissions, which is –

Enrollment by lead of Competitive Examinations/through meetings to the administrations of the State Government.

Exhorting the State Government on the reasonableness of officials on arrangement on advancement just as move from one support of the other.

Exhorting the State Government on the issues related with enlistment to different administrations and posts, encircling and revision of enrollment Rules.

Exhorting the State Government in every disciplinary case identifying with various common administrations.

Prompting the State Government in the matter of award of exceptional benefits, repayment of lawful costs, and so on.

Prompting the State Government on any issue alluded to the Commission by the Governor of Bihar.


Enlistment is made by two techniques –

Direct Recruitment – Direct enlistment is made mostly by method for leading serious assessment in which the determination is done based on both of the accompanying techniques:

Fundamental (Written) Examination and Interview of the fruitful applicants of the Preliminary Test recommended under guidelines.

Composed Examination and Interview.


Advancement – Promotion is conceded to government employees through the Departmental Promotion Committee (under the chairmanship of the Commission) comprised for the equivalent and as per the standards surrounded by the State Government.

Yearly Report

Article 323 of the Constitution of India recommends for the accommodation of yearly report of the work done by the State Public Service Commission to the Governor of the State. The Bihar Public Service Commission appropriately submits yearly report of the work done by the Commission to the Governor of Bihar.

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