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Diesel-Loco Modernisation Works, formerly Diesel Component Works, is located in Patiala in the Indian state of Punjab. It was set up in 1981 to extend the service life of diesel Locomotives of the Indian Railways and raise the level of their availability. It also started to manufacture WAP 7 locomotives.

  • Manufacture and supply of high quality components and sub-assemblies as spares.
  • Manufacture of components hitherto imported achieving import substitution and timely availability
  • Remanufacture of critical assemblies for the unit exchange system of the diesel locomotive’s maintenance system of the railways
  • Rebuilding locomotives and power packs, and retrofitting the locomotives with systems incorporating latest technological development
  • Manufacturing WAP 7 Locomotives and starting its series from 39***.

Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers

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The Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineering (IRSME) is a prestigious group ‘A’ central service of the Government of India. The officers of this service are responsible for managing the Mechanical Engineering Organisation of the Indian Railways.IRSME officers are drawn from the Engineering Service Examination(ESE) Exam.All appointments to the Group ‘A’ services are made by the President of India.

Role and Function

The main areas of responsibility

  • Motive Power availability
  • Crew Management
  • Rolling Stock Management
  • Traffic restoration in case of accidents

This organisation was central to all rolling stock operations when the only modes of traction were Steam Locomotives and Diesel Electric Locomotives. With the use of electric traction on the trunk routes, the responsibility of traction operations has been shared with the Electrical Department.

All the coaches and wagons are maintained by the Mechanical Department. The air-conditioning part of the coaches on the system was maintained by the Electrical Department. A Railway Board order to bring the entire rolling stock under unified maintenance of the Mechanical Department in 2003 was held in abeyance under pressure from Electrical Department Unions.

This has been adopted in 2016 wherein all locomotives (electric & diesel) including crew is now under electric department. The entire rolling stock maintenance including MEMU and train lighting of coaches is now under mechanical department. Accordingly, at Railway Board level post of MEMBER MECHANICAL is redesignated as MEMBER ROLLING STOCK.

Train Operations

The responsibilities and assignments of train operations are loosely referred to as Open Line. A great deal of emphasis is placed on open line experience. Indeed, there are few cases of people who have succeeded in the organisation without a significant tenures on the Open Line.

From a general public’s point of view the most exciting tasks are related to accident relief and traffic restoration. IRSME is responsible for designing, acquiring / building and maintenance of the accident relief infrastructure and organisation. In times of emergency, the appropriate officer is responsible for mobilising the Accident Relief Medical Equipment (ARME) and Accident Relief Trains (ART). Accidents are times of great stress and anxiety. Inquiries and investigation into the cause can carry on for months after a major accident.

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