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Assam Medical College, formerly Berry White Medical School, is an educational institution in Dibrugarh, Assam, India. It was the first medical college in Northeastern India. It is the tertiary medical referral centre for upper Assam and areas in neighboring states, including Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the premier and oldest medical institutes in the northeaast region of India.

Directorate of Medical Education is an administrative body of Andhra Pradesh State, India. It overlooks the Medical Education in Andhra Pradesh through Medical Colleges. It is located at Koti, Hyderabad

It is headed by Director of Medical Education who oversees the functioning of Principals of Medical and Nursing Colleges, Superintendents of General and Speciality Hospitals and Chief Accounts Officers. He is assisted by Additional Director, Joint Directors and Assistant Directors and Chief Information Officer.

There are 33 medical colleges, 13 dental colleges and about 100 paramedical centers functions under the directorate.

Main objectives

  1. To Provide Medical Care to the people of Andhra Pradesh through hospitals.
  2. To impart Medical Education to undergraduate and postgraduate students in various specialties through Medical Colleges.
  3. To provide training in Paramedical courses like Nursing, Technicians etc., through Medical Colleges and Teaching Hospitals.
  4. To provide Dental Courses through Dental Colleges for undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies.
  5. To impart Postgraduate Courses in certain Superspeciality subjects.

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